16 Months, Full Time

16-Month Full-Time Programs

Ofqual Regulated Qualification:
TQUK Level 5 Diploma in Media Production – Filmmaking Management (RQF)

TQUK Endorsed Program:
Diploma in Media Production – Filmmaking Management (Level 5)

These 16-­month, full-time diploma programs provide aspiring filmmakers with the whole range of visual literacy and filmmaking experiences as they learn to write, direct, produce, shoot and edit several group and individual short film/video projects, including MOS Film, Sync Dialogue Films, Music Video, Promotional Video, Television Show and Documentary Short.

Each project involves the technical, creative and business elements of production. Students develop stories from concept to finished films, hone their skills as visual storytellers and practice their craft through a variety of projects. They collaborate with their peers on all projects, to actively participate in multiple technical disciplines and to gain both understanding and respect for their value in the creative process. The programs emphasize the ensemble nature of a film crew and highlights professional etiquette to facilitate successful and effective overall crew performance.

There are four main concentrations of study: Screenwriting, Directing and Producing, Cinematography and Sound, and Editing.

The final term is devoted to students developing their thesis projects that serve to showcase their filmmaking capacities for career launch.

At levels of learning equivalent to Year 2 of three-year UK undergraduate (bachelor) degree programs, all courses are mandatory and students study:

  • Filmmaking Entrepreneurship
  • Scriptwriting
  • Directing
  • Producing
  • Cinematography and Camera Management
  • Sound
  • Film and Video Editing
  • Fiction Film Production
  • Music Video Production
  • Documentary Film Production
  • Commercial Video Production
  • Production Arts and Design
  • Business of Filmmaking – Financing, Marketing, Distribution and Festivals
  • Television Production
  • Project Management – Thesis Film Pre- Production, Production and Post-Production
  • Career Development for Filmmaking Business

On completion, students are inspired to find their own creative voice and prepared to enter the film and digital media industry as professionals. They are able to seek entry-level employment as camera operators, videographers, grips, screenwriters, director’s and production assistants, assistant editors, lighting assistants, assistant directors, dolly grips, video editors, and lighting and audio technicians.

Alternatively, students may continue their film education by pursuing final year(s) undergraduate studies at a university in the UK or elsewhere.