Co-Curricular Activities and Internships


Co-curricular activities for full time programs include film screenings, film festivals, cultural and networking events, guest lecturers and seminars, workplace experience through GeniusQuestTM film productions, alumni network as well as English Language enhancement classes.

The GeniusQuestTM Internship Programme is designed to provide students with the opportunities to:

  • Apply what they learn in the classroom to a work environment.
  • Gain crucial, real-world experience that will set them apart and open up more opportunities upon graduation.
  • Connect with employers in their field of interest and make valuable contacts in the professional world.
  • Make informed career choices.

Students on the diploma programs must complete at least 90 hours of film-related placement in order to graduate while students at certificate level must complete a minimum of 15 hours. The requisite hours may be completed through one placement or a series of placements with local, regional or national film production organizations.