Why Choose GeniusQuest Film Academy


Here are the top 10 reasons why tomorrow’s filmmakers choose GeniusQuestTM Film Academy:

  1. Internationally respected filmmaking mentors
  2. Courses offered entirely or predominantly in English
  3. Full-time diploma and certificate qualifications valued in over 100 countries
  4. Professional production equipment, post-production facilities, in-house studio and screening theatre
  5. Relevant, practical and value-for-money film education
  6. Industry job placements and internships for high achieving students
  7. Collaborative, friendly and inclusive learning environment
  8. Focus on teamwork and people skills for adaptable and creative filmmakers
  9. Individual talent and creativity nurtured
  10. Unique campus locations offering spectacular backdrops and vibrant contexts for student film projects


At GeniusQuestTM Film Academy students specialize in documentary-style filmmaking to take advantage of increasing opportunities presented by evolving digital media and platforms for storytelling.  In this era characterized by social media, streaming networks and accessible filmmaking equipment, innovative new ways of nonfiction storytelling are emerging at the intersection of documentary and public engagement.  The setting of each GeniusQuestTM  Film Academy campus offers students a unique cultural and social context to represent local issues and perspectives while maintaining their independent creative and editorial voice.